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Bill Bell

First, to ask "What do we need to do etc. is certainly wrong. Next, I think any one of your next steps would be appropriate depending on the situation. They're all good. But I would offer two small alterations: (1) Change "based on what you told me" to "based on what we've discussed" This has more of a pertnership feel. (2) Might be good to omit the word "logical". Sounds a bit "heady" or overly intellectual. Posibly off-putting to some people.

A general comment is that closing is difficult because it requires that we be a leader. Subtle and tactful, but still a leader in the buying/selling situation. Such leading is a skill that comes natural to some, but most must learn it.

Ali  Sennara

I think such silly questions had been gone and nobody nowadays use it but there is new closing techniques has been appeared.

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