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Chui Tey

The following technique works too. Say that you've been talking to their competition. That usually piques their interest.

Jill Konrath

You're absolutely right! Knowing what their competitors are doing is always of interest. So is information about their customers! Anybody else have other suggestions about how to get someone to want to meet with you?


Here's a line that I like:

You've been contacted about your xxxx because you are not being serviced by an expert. I know who the experts are and where they are located. I would like to provide a free sample of what I do so you can experience the difference of what a specialist can do for your company.

I specialize in workers compensation insurance. This works. I also include it in my direct mail pieces.

Sahil Adeem

Here is a technique i am the biggest fan off. Its called a reversal, here is how you use it.

“I’m happy with my current provider.”

Salesperson: “That’s exactly why you should meet with me. It’s great that you’re satisfied with your current provider, but how do you know they are still providing you with the best product, service, and value? When we meet, you’ll have an opportunity to compare the two offerings. You might discover that our offering is superior. However, if you find that your current provider is superior, you will benefit from reinforced peace-of-mind that you are aligned with the right provider and are still getting the best value. That alone is worth a 30-minute investment of your time”

The trick is to say it in a manner which reveals not only authority, but conviction to go ahead and just try.

Gerold Braun

In such moments "We are happy.." i use a little humor (not too much): "Ahh, i get it. -little pause- You need not tell them that you are talking with me."

btw: You send out a very valuable newsletter. Thank you.

Bill Bell

Jill -

This is a valuable blog partly because you say what not to do, which is almost as important as learning what TO do. Among your responses to the "we're satisfied with present suppliers" the best is the last. I have used that effectively not only in sales, but in ordinary conversation. That is: "hear what I have to say and you might possibly pick up a useful point or two; or if not at least you will become more convinced of your present positiion. You can't lose."

Regards, Bill

Troy Bingham

a good nurturing campaign using an educational approach will start to open those doors and at least give you the opportunity to pitch your product or service.

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