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Scott Jones

Jill ... thanks for the info on Jigsaw. It's definitely a step up from other business information providers like Hoovers, D&B, ReferenceUSA, OneSource and the rest in terms of direct contact information.

You have given me an excellent lead. We have just released an offering called Executive Link that will be a great marriage with Jigsaw. The problem that most sales people have is not finding the decision maker (their contact info is difficult to locate) ... it's more about delving into what's on their mind, how to find the intersection point between their offerings and the decision maker's issues, and finally being able to relate to the decision maker by understanding their role, how they're measured, etc..

So Jigsaw can tell a sales person who to contact and how. Executive Link can then help the sales person penetrate the decision maker by showing compentency in addressing their vertical specific, role specific issues ... and then how to become a "trusted advisor" once they penetrate.

Graham Young

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am on the verge of graduating and have an offer from a sales Company who asked me to conduct research on how I get to the decision maker of a company in Business to Business. I am very pleased about this offer and sincerely hope I get the job. In order for this to happen I must ask for your assistance and hope you get back to me tomorrow as I need to telephone the company with my research programme and what I have found out. Please I have read your website and other comments made my people and I am asking what I should state to the company about how it is I get to the decision maker? Please reply a.s.a.p as I really would like this job. I am aware of the few details and answers I could say but I just would like some professional advice.

Thank you for your anticipated time and support I look forward to hearing from you

Graham Young

Mike Holcomb

Thank you so very much for the info. Just to let you know, your promo code is still good over two years later. Thank you very much for setting up this special offer and I look forward to heavily using Jigsaw in my future sales efforts. BTW, your post on spoild brat negotiating was priceless.

Craig Murden

Thanks Jill. Jigsaw looks like a valuable toolkit. Had a friend recommend as well. Signed up yesterday and am already impressed. Thanks for your continued sharing of ideas.

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