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Auteur Wang

I like reading what you put here, which is really enjoyable! I will often come here and recommend good articles to my friend to share!
Glad to know you!

By the way, I am running a translation company in china. I would like to get some ideas on how to sell to big companies!

Thank you Very Much.

Jacques de Villiers


Checked out your website. Some great stuff there. I also find your blog most inspiring. Would it be possible for me to put your articles on my website (with full credit, weblinks etc to you of course) I'm a South African company in a similar field to yours. I doubt that the companies from your neck of the woods would use me, so there shouldn't be a conflict of interest.


Jacques de Villiers
South Africa

Ford Kanzler

Hi Jill,
Read your Winning Value Proposition one-pager with interest and can't disagree with any of it. What's missing in the formula is any mention of Differentiation. Drivers, Movement and Metrics are all good things on which to base a Value Prop but the competition can do the same things. The samples shown are well written but don't set the organization (brand) apart from others. Suggest adding a dose of Harry Beckwith (Selling the Invisibe)and Jack Trout (Ddifferentiate or Die) to the formula.

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