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Gary Patton

Yours is a great reminder, Jill, that WIIFT,(What's In It For Them) not WIIFM (What's In It For Me) is how we sell anything to anyone.

One's passion can open doors. Or, as you remind us, cause them to be slammed in our faces.

That's why a while back I wrote:
“The most dangerous weapon in the universe is a soul ignited by passion.” -- Gary Patton (1942 -), Canadian customer care specialist

Living life passionately to the full ...forever,

Gavin Ingham

You're so right. Passion is important of course but it needs to be controlled! I often ask salespeople what makes a top seller and they give me words like motivated, passionate, tenacious, goal-driven etc. They usually conclude that selling is for the large part attitude.

That might well be right. Problem is however that without the right skills all one becomes is a motivated idiot. Rushing in and spouting about your own products and solutions without thought for the WIIFM for the client would certainly create motivated idiots... and no-one likes that!

Keep up the good blogs.

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