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Chris Yeh

I think the key is to really speak to their specific needs.

Maybe they need to achieve a specific goal.

Maybe they want to beat a specific competitor.

If she really can help them in a concrete way, the sale is halfway made.

Connie McCandless

Ideally she would know her prospects' viewers, readers, ratings (whatever the relevant stats are for the particular media) and be able to compare them to their nearest competitors. She would also know how these relate to attracting advertising dollars or other sources of revenue.

Then she could use examples of the improvements achieved by her clients to demonstrate the kind of concrete results that she can assist the prospect to achieve.

Cliff Hudson

I prefer language more to the effect of "We have a proven record of increasing viewers, ratings, etc." Differentiation is great but I think it should focus more on your business methods rather than the things you listed. It's obvious that she cares about their goals or she would be in a different business. Donating to charities is wonderful and I personally do it but that doesn't tell my prospects how I am going to help them. That's something great to work in where you can at a later point but tell me what you know or can do that your competition can't.

Bob VL

How about : We are in the business of promoting your business... AND INCREASING VIEWER RATINGS,LISTENING AUDIENCES AND GAINING NEW CUSTOMERS!

By using and...you can easily clarify and add to the value prop, elevator speech with a most direct tie-in to your specific client's business.

mike checko

I would tell her to say to them that she got them to listen to her message and she can do the same for the customers there trying to get there message across to so please call me back so you don't have to keep dealing with other so called promotional companies!

Arun Sadhashivan

I think her collateral is just fine. When she presents it to a prospective customer, she will amplify those areas where she can really help them, and thereby move forward in the sales process.

Tell her to focus on the most pressing customer problem at hand and her ideas to solve it. That usually works.

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