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Alan  Allard

Hello Jill,

You are spot on regarding phrases that broadcast "this is all about what I want or need." Language is powerful and our choice of words create consequences... whether we are aware of them or not.

I would welcome your suggestions of what to replace the 3 deadly words with.


Alan Allard

Jonathan Kranz

Good points all, Jill. I just blogged about the heinous "partnership" pitch on my own blog yesterday. Do any of these people stop and think before they use these ridiculously trite (and sometimes misleading) phrases? Do they appreciate all the ill-will they're generating?

True story: There's a company that advertises on WBUR in Boston whose tagline is, "We're committed to exceeding our customers' expectations!" Terrific. If only they would form proactive partnerships for leading-edge one-stop shopping -- then they'd have something!

Lynn Strand Marks

I've been giving your book to my clients - and would love to be able to post your articles on the "buzz" section of my website, as a resource...May I have your permission? Thanks so much!

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