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Fred Barnes

What a GREAT article Jill... perfect "timing" for me. I say that because yesterday I really failed the "Tell Me More" test. I knew better, yet when the question hit me from a potential new client, I took the bait and went into a description of Distinction's presentation skills workshop (one-day, small group, each person is videotaped 5 times and so forth). It would have been so much more powerful to have a "Tell Me More" script (and use it in an un-scripted way).

So here is my new script (I used one of yours as a template):

"One of the biggest challenges for companies today is they invest literally thousands of dollars to get their Sales and Marketing teams in front of valuable prospects. Unfortunately, many teams aren’t fully prepared to leverage that critical 60-minute.

You may have the greatest product or service in the world, but if your people can’t communicate its value, it’s all academic. Rote delivery approaches and ineffective interpersonal skills create missed opportunities that can drive sales management up the wall.

We help your people tell a more compelling business story to capitalize on high-stakes, high-profile business opportunities.

How big of an issue is this for your company?”

I got a chance to use this yesterday with a different person, and it worked perfect... got THEM talking instead of me. Thanks Jill.

Fred Barnes
Distinction Communication

Robert Lehrer

You've written many useful articles Jill, but this is your most powerful one. It caused me to think about the many ways that we as salespeople are focused on ourselves rather than the needs of the prospect. It reinforced my opinion that prospects don't give a #@$& about us; they care about what we can do for them.

Lena L. West


What can I say?! Again, great content from you. I've already used your "Tell Me More" solution on a conversation I had with a law firm yesterday. He was so intrigued that he now wants me to outline a presentation to give to his clients! Who knew!

When I speak about web site strategies, I constantly tell people, "No one cares about you!" And, I *still* found myself falling into the trap of talking about my company history after hearing, "Tell Me More"! I thought I knew better!

Jill, on your worst day, you're better than most people on their best day!

Keep up the great work!

Lena L. West


I've already used your "Tell Me More" solution on a conversation I had with a law firm today and it worked perfect.thanks

 Poul Anderson

Great post. Unfortunately, our credibility is lowest in the areas that we feel most confident to speak about ourselves and our solutions. May be we should stop speaking and start listening. Let the customer set the tone for the dialogue and determine what grade level we should converse at. Our credibility will rise as we guide them through a discussion that emphasizes their existing concerns -- assuming they have them.


Very true, Like the article



Hi again, Jill - and the commentators,
After years of struggling alone to open up some accounts I now hear voices nearby!
By the way, how are you generally called: a salesforce contractor, a sales broker..? Your customers outsource/subcontract their sales to you? Once you won an account, do you later sell them other things/services from other vendors? (Is it appropriate to ask this here? If something is wrong -please forgive me - like I said above, just emerged from a desert after years of wandering alone.)

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