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Bob Van L

Wow Jill!
Thanks for this very timely and specific example of what we(and YOU)have been espousing for months. This is very good and succinct stuff. It is an indicative and actual example of what works and what I need to do on my very next email!

Thanks Jill ! You’re the best!

Fred Barnes

Great advice Jill. I've been pretty good at personalizing the opening of my cold call emails (your guideline #1), but then I’ve been jumping into my "solution" way too soon. The hardest part for me is going to be your guideline #2 about not mentioning a single word about my company’s services – but I will definetly try it! Thank you for teaching this old dog new tricks. Fred


Great point. In regard to cold calling, there is an interesting company in Boston that offers sales outsourcing & lead development services for software companies. LeadBridge Partners LLC


They are on the forefront of a trend to keep sales activity high, but costs low.

Carson Coots

The question & article link was an excellent hook. He only gave you a quick paragraph and a link for your enticing "tell me more". After 2nd no-pitch/no solution email, I bet you were feeling like, hey, don't you want my business? You were looking for the pitch, and you had an itchy trigger finger to shoot-em-down. But he played snob. Thats what I was talking about in my comment on the bull in the china shop syndrome! haha. Keep on trucking, I love the blog and cant wait to read your book.

Self Help

Excellent post Jill, thank you for sharing.

Alexey Linkov

nice templates, but it looks like your example lacks a call for action, like a link.

Matt Davis

Great advice!I am looking to start email marketing campain soon. We do cold call b2b executive level appointment setting. We are paid on a pay per appointment basis.http://www.telehammers.com


Great article! We're an offshore outsourcing company that does lead generation, telemarketing, etc and personalization is definitely a great advantage over templates when it comes to emails.

Looking forward to more articles.

We're actually looking to team up w/ a contact center or marketing company in N. America. If any companies are interested, email [email protected]

Jerry Larson

I work at a software company that uses a company called DiscoverOrg -www.discoverorg.com -for their email and phone database that targets IT decision makers at midsize companies. We have been able to generate tons of activity using email techniques described here by Jill to connect with the decision makers provided by DiscoverOrg.

Judy Hall

Hi I think this is great. I use a telemarketing ocmpany now www.superiortelemarkeitng.com they are doing great, im going to use some of the ideas myself. Thanks!

cold calling

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Offshore Outsourcing

Thanks for sharing this informative post.

Chris Thompson

Excellent post. I've always prided myself as being a people person, but a sales person I am not. Hopefully information like this will guide me in the right direction toward building that skill.

Andres Garcia


I cannot express enough gratitude for this post it is like you read my mind an knew exactly what i was looking for. Simply amazing advice, I am literally shaking with excitement.

Andres Garcia


I gave my wrong web address on my previous post. In case you wanted to check me out the correct one is included in this comment (.org NOT .com) Not because I want to advertise on your blog but because I would like to connect with you.


Hi, Jill and the readers,
Thank you for the post... and for being tolerant to some little sneaky marketeers out there. I recently had a success with cold emailing. That encouraged me to start learning about what I have been doing. Very helpful!

    1st thing I checkmarked was - bet you shouldn't be too polite to begin with? E.g., all my recent campaign template displayed in preview was "Hope this message finds you well" (contrary to the mentioned success campaign). Should I drop politeness?!

    2 - an unanswered question: it's 2010 now, is a cold email in the way Jill described it still 100% legal everywhere (unlike cold calling)?

      3 - Let me wish success to participants in this discussion - proactive people looking for ways to improve.


    Pardon, that's me again.
    Here it says, cold email is illegal in UK, unless I am missing something:
    Is it legal in US? Or is it like the 55 mph speed limit?

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