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Dan Markovitz

The one question I always ask is, "How can I help you build your
business?" The response is invariably surprise, pleasure, and a
measure of respect.

Matthew Cornell

Thanks for the fabulous list of questions!

Nick Rice

All of these questions are great because it gets the other person talking. Too many people like to talk about themselves or their business. Listening is the most powerful tool in sales. Networking events are great, just don't expect a person to sign a huge contract over shrimp cocktail. It takes a few interactions to build up enough credibility to get the big business. Start small. Just meet a few people, follow up and build friendships. Sales will follow.


Great set of questions. Lots of "YOUS" = Lots of good. The whole you-first-me-second attitude rocks. When you're passionate about serving the other person, you're being being the best salesperson you can be -- as cheesy as that may sound.

Corissa Roberts

I agree that getting the other individual to do the talking is key. People love to talk about their accomplishments and when you let them, they will inevitably appreciate and remember you. A few things to remember are to not interrupt them and try to act interested in their answers! I am just getting started in the marketing world and find many of your posts of great help and encouragement.

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