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yikes! if they are already overwhelmed, how will another voicemail or a link to a website or article help them if they don't have time to read it.

I would instead send them a 6 pack of beer, or a bottle of wine, along with a note that says I know you are busy, but if you can find time to relax, have a drink and review these summary notes I made from this long boring article I read, it might help save you some time. I'll follow up with you a little later to see if there is anything els I can do to help you during this busy frantic time.

I agree everyone is too busy these days. So in addition to selling your product, you have to find ways to help them find some time and a reason to meet with you.

always enjoyable articles Jill...

Susan Martin

Thanks for another great post Jill! I agree, you can't take it personally, most likely it's not that you've done something wrong, it's that they can't get out of their own way, so it's up to you to make the next move if you want to make the sale.

By the way, Steve, love your idea for getting their attention in other ways...

Daniel Sitter

Great article Jill. I have experienced the same difficulties in connecting with key players at larger accounts. People are wearing more hats these days and their time is precious to them. I believe that we must remain persistent, continuing to call on them as well as their staff, their peers and others who might help pull the sale through their process.

I often will often look to find an advocate, someone of influence, who believes in me and my services. Many times, an internal employee or consultant on their payroll will help to drive the sale, especially if they might benefit from it. Once I become officially associated with a project, the decision maker usually will then take notice.


re: susan martin: it's illegal to mail booze in the US. i like your thinking though!

from my experience, nothing beats a strong, clearly delivered value proposition backed by consistent follow ups (that include a restatement and/or addition to the previous value propositions).
Like you said, Jill, people are busy, and from my experience, they also appreciate persistence.

Interesting enough, did you see the Krugman article in the NYTIMES today? here's the link; very interesting: http://select.nytimes.com/2007/06/15/opinion/15krugman.html

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