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Shama Hyder

We haven't had to do any cold calling yet Jill. We get all our clients through our blog. But if I ever had to-I know I would follow these rules! = )

Steve Kayser

I like your writing style, blog layout and design. Nice to see easy-to-understand and use content. How is your book doing? I publish an award-winning B2B E-zine with 135,000 subscribers. I'm always looking for great content -- particularly in the B2B Complex Sales environment. I publish every two weeks -

Best -- Steve Kayser.

PS. Do you know Nettie Hartsock? She's

Steve Kayser

PS -- Continued _ HAHAHHAHA - forgot to finish it before I sent Send. Nettie Hartsock is a veteran e-journalist that interviews B2B authors and does a nice job writing reviews. I thopught you might know her based upon some of your links.

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