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I like your blog. As for marketing and sales getting along, see also the Harvard Business Review Jul-Aug. p. 68



Harry Hallman

As usual, Jill, your ideas are outstanding and right on the money. I have seen the marketing/sales split for over 30 years and I am not sure it will ever be fixed, but it is important to keep trying.

Thanks for the Ebook.

Michael J Webb


You've done a great job pointing out what sales needs from marketing. This will help both marketers and sellers work better together.

Yet, as I'm sure you are aware, the root cause of the problem isn't in the marketing department! It is in the mind of the President/General Manager/CEO. All the top business schools are busy teaching these people the functional view of business. "Marketing is the 4 'Ps,'" "Sales is accountable for results." They set up their companies accordingly, so that marketing and selling are focused on different objectives, an inherent conflict.

The solution to the dilemma, and the way to get the functions properly aligned is to recognize that the productive activity of marketing, selling, and servicing is to get prospects and customers to take actions we want them to take. There are a series of them, really, only one of which is to give us an order.

For example, we want them to give us their attention, we want them to give us their information, we want them to take our sales calls and our proposals seriously. We have to earn all those actions by showing them what is in it for them. There is no other way.

Sometimes a marketing tactic is required; sometimes a selling tactic is more appropriate (salespeople cannot do it alone). Whether marketing or selling, if we can get prospects and customers to move through their problem solving process (their "buyer's journey") with us we've accomplished our goal. And, we can measure those actions to get visibility upstream in the sales production system.

This is the essence of the process approach, and it holds tremendous potential for competitive differentiation, "Blue Ocean Strategies," and improving every business metric you can name. As you've mentioned in your recent newsletter, people can read more about this in the book "Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way," and get a chapter of the book free on www.sixsigmaselling.com.

Michael J Webb
[email protected]
September 7, 2006

Jay, writer MemberSpeed.com

Quite often, the marketing and sales departments don’t mix. Most of the time, the two departments throw blames at each other when there is a problem encountered or take claim if success is met. But, this should not be as a harmonious Sales and Marketing enables a company to strengthen and improve their sales at a regular basis. Both can pinpoint a company’s sales weaknesses and strengths.

greg stromberg

I just love the internet and I just got lost at your blog and it is great.

I just ordered your book and will put it to a real live test. This will be my ultimate sales & I hope my legacy.

Greg Stromberg

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