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John Windsor

GREAT story, Jill. And I feel your pain . . .

Jeff Blackwell

Hello Jill. Do you believe this creates instant rapport?

Jill Konrath

Jeff, When two people are in rapport, their body language, voice tone, pace and more is in alignment. If I would have been more normal self with my prospect, I can guarantee you that I would have intimidated the man. But, because I slowed to his pace, I was able to build the relationship.

Is it the only thing? No. It's only a part of what it takes. Usually I talk about the verbiage and getting the message right. But the delivery is important too.


Jeff Blackwell

I appreciate the connection between 'alignment' and 'rapport'.

Will you be posting additional ideas in this blog post to give sales professionals a better understanding of how to create instant rapport?



I am in total agreement (as usual!)

My view is that rapport is the most important process in influencing others. It is vital if you want to maintain relationships. Without it, you are unlikely to achieve willing agreement to what you want. People who have excellent rapport with others create harmonious relationships based on trust and understanding of mutual needs.

Rapport is the cornerstone of all mutually effective relationships. It needs constant vigilance to keep it alive and effective.

We have rapport :-)


Brian Carroll

Great story! I think you're describing something I've heard called mirroring. We all do it naturally when communicating with others except what you did was was more deliberate.

I got this from the Wikipedia, "Also called Matching or Pacing, the extent to which you can match another person's behavior, both verbally and non-verbally, will increase rapport, and there are as many channels as your sensory ability can discriminate."

The best rapport may be gained by mirroring not too exactly, but close enough so they get that comfortable feeling without feeling mocked. If people want to know more they can search for "mirroring" on Google.

Carol - UK Copywriter

Hi Jill,

great example - and I can certainly empathise with you. Many years ago, before I'd discovered these communication skills, I had a client where one of the main contacts - like your Don - was a very slow talker.

My biggest challenge at the time was stopping myself from finishing his sentences for him!

I suspect anyone who tends to speak quite quickly will know where I'm coming from with that! ;)

And it was even more difficult because I was providing IT training services at the time!

I'm older and wiser now, of course, so I find it a lot easier to 'pace myself' enough to make people comfortable when we speak. But it is something we do need to remind ourselves about occasionally.

I'll refer to this on my blog, thanks.

Niall Devitt

Great post. When a seller is trying this out for the first time, its sometimes better to make only slight adjustments so as not to feel silly or sound too obvious. However once the salesperson has practiced the technique and is more comfortable, the matching becomes almost second nature. Seasoned NLP practitioners will even change the types of words they use to better match the prospect's personality.

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