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Nesh Thompson

Jill, great advice. What I think is central is the state of mind when you are in such a position. The "I must get more sales" statements are negative in that there are the unspoken words "or else I'm in big trouble" associated with them.

"How can I" is a proactive statement that leads to further action, therefore putting you in the right frame of mind to actually turn things around.

mark allen roberts

Enjoyed your content!
I hear the same problems and experience clients “stuck” as well.
Far too often “stuck” is the result of fear, tied to perceived potential judgments and expectations. The stress builds as we have self talk about how others may be viewing us, judging us, and too often how we may be judging ourselves.
I believe goals are important…think with the end in mind. However when we start focusing on how others may be judging us in relation to expectations we become paralyzed.
We need to return to the true “whys” and release the self talk, the fear, and allow our magnificent minds to solve unresolved market problems. If clients cannot answer what problem they solve, then the discussion for more leads, more customers who want my services become very frustrating.

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