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Joshua Horwitz

Nice post. I think the very same practices can be used with (and are sometimes forgotten when it comes to) existing client relationships.

I appreciate that your point is to accelerate the trust building process with prospects, but with time a scarce resource across the organization, I'd encourage all those that maintain the client relationship to follow the same pattern.

Charles H. Green


Thank you for the honor of using some of your blogspace; I love how you write.

And Joshua, I completely agree. These principles work well with existing clients too. (Hey they even work with family members!).

Charlie Green

The Gift Guy

Truly remarkable post! Trust is the culmination of a successful relationship. When client doesn't ask for 3 quotes any more, but is happy to accept your offering, even if at a premium, that is when you've truly arrived!

Matt Donnelly

Mr. Green-

Superb ideas and worth taking seriously. They work.

tony cole

Wish I could find something to disagree with. I would be interested in your view on the perspective of, "people buy from people they like." I hear this all of the time and I have always felt that people won't buy from people they don't like. But that isn't the same as buying from people they like. I've also held that people buy from people they trust and have confidence in.

The Gift Guy

Tony, I have to agree with you on the point of people buying from people they like. Given all other factors like quality and cost being equal, the likeable sales person will get the deal. Good point made by you.

David Chung

I am so glad that sales gurus such as Tony and Jill are advocating this client relationship focused approach to sales. I don't think it's necessarily true that people buy from people they like -- but rather, they buy from someone who is genuine about helping them solve their problem at hand.

I could be wrong of course, but a savvy buyer leading the nice sales guy on, putting dreams of large commission checks in his mind...

...is almost the equivalent of a savvy sales guy reeling a prospect in, dazzling them with the "best solution" ever (your boss will call you a hero!).

I still think it goes back to people wanting what they need... but YES -- I do acknowledge that intimacy is a critical dimension, atop professional credibility. People just can't help it sometimes. I've ordered extra rounds at least a few times... just because the bartender was cute and nice. Human nature?

I'd love to have you and Jill come and do guest posts about the importance of "lead knowledge" in facilitating complex sales. Please let me know if you're interested!

I'll definitely be linking to this post in my blog today.

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