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Mike Volpe

Glad you liked the video. We had a lot of fun making it!

Bill Hampton

Nice to meet others who have waded through the same swamps, known the same pain. I don't make unsolicited calls anymore. If I can segment a market, I can email it. C-levels respond. Receptionists can't pick on me anymore.

If enternity plays fair, there's a special place, a happy place, out there for tele-sales people. Fortunately the internet offers options. Good luck. Thank you, Ms. Corliss, your cast, and Jill Konrath.

Sales Training

I primarily deal with large corporate/national accounts and have success with them but it is a patient venture. You are not going to sell these corporate accounts until they are ready to be sold.

It's very hard to show one person value and have them present that to the board or the executive meeting with the same enthusiasm you had.

A lot of the time with large corporate accounts, it unfortunately is about the $$$. While I hate making it about price, you will find this to be the issue a lot with these kind of accounts.

Sean Mc - MTD Sales Blog

More now than ever before it's important to use a wide variety of marketing techniques that includes online and offline.

Just imagine how your prospects will feel if they keep getting bugged from people wanting money when the well is completely dry. It will do your reputation more harm than good.

Now is the time to review what you do and how you do it. Getting leads to come to you mean that they are more qualified and will be of a higher quality so it pays to invest in this type of marketing.


AK Works

I have worked for 2 SEO firms, 1 web development firm, and witnessed the operations of another SEO firm. The SEO firms seem to be the only ones that only use SEO and PPC - and nothing else. The 3rd SEO firm used local radio spots as well. They also were the bigger SEO firm out of all 3. The web dev company used cold calls, trade industry ads, trade shows, and email marketing. One of the other SEO firms did some trade show marketing. But it seems to me that the firms that sell marketing services are the worst practitioners of marketing. While I'm not a fan of Twitter, I do believe marketing companies should be at the forefront of new marketing techniques.

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