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Dr. Jim Anderson

Amen to that brother! I liked where you were going with this post, but I needed you to say one more thing - Sales can not be a stand along department!

Arguably, Sales is the end of a very long pipe. However, if Sales just sits around and accepts whatever comes their way, then they are not doing their job correctly.

It's all too easy to focus completely on the customer. Sales needs to devote some of its time looking internally and sharing that hard won customer information as far back into the organization as possible.

Only by doing this will the rest of the company come to know its customer. This is how innovations occur that really benefit the customer.

- Dr. Jim Anderson
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Recently lost my job "because our office is a sales office, not a "marketing" office like you want Joe."

Setting up google alerts to see about trigger events, doing targeted direct mail postcards, phone call with messages targeted to owners situations...

All that is marketing Joe, not sales, we need you to make calls, cold calls get on the road and sell, not market.

Your services are no longer required here, you're not doing what we want you to do.

Mr. Webb has it right, with this recession maybe will flush out these companies that insist on mfg. buggy whips...It's the value stupid. Great Article.


Elizabeth Walker

Generating substantial incremental value is what we are all talking about…so I asked one of my classes of senior business managers what “value” actually means. What I got back was a lot of blank looks.

Seems like we talk about value and we sort of know what we mean, but…

Barry Nalebuff gives us a great definition of Added Value we can use every day: Added Value is total value MINUS the value without us.

It’s a terrific base line to consider when contemplating any move in the business.

That's why "If something your company did got the customer to take one of those steps, it created value." - because the customer couldn't or didn't do it without you.

Great post.

Jamie Bradley

Two years ago, I took a sales job with a company that promised in their hiring interview that they had developed an advanced lead generation program. As it turned out, the first leads I got were on a three page list of financial services companies with the address and phone number - but no names or info on what their issues might be. They might as well have handed me the phonebook.

The selling system they wanted me to follow was to call 40 people a day, set up appointments and close the sale (this was for an ongoining B2B service, not a one-time sale). I showed them "Selling to Big Companies" and tried to explain that was the strategy I was pursuing, but they didn't buy it.

They finally let me go, and two days later a big contract came through that I had been working on for six months. I found out that the sales manager said it was the biggest contract the company had ever closed, and "That is the kind of business the company needs to go after."

This company continues to go after sales like they are digging for gold - move a ton of earth to find the occasional shiny rock. I don't think they yet understand the process of creating value for big clients that get them to change where they do business.

Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, the people who should be reading it will never be looking for new perspectives.

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