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Girlie | My Postcard Printing

Getting clients to return your calls is indeed very frustrating. You can increase your chances of getting more favorable responses by working on other strategies. Offer them incentives through social media or direct mail marketing. Use all possible means to increase your business and engage your customers to participate.

shanghai world expo

Great opinions.
Yeah, mind awareness should be kept all the time.

The Sales Jedi

Good Article.

Some of the biggest blunders I know are when leaving voicemail messages too.

They are too long and there is no "what's in it for them" to return your call. No one is going to call you to say that they received your proposal asking them for $20k!

You need some bait to get them to call you back.

"Hi Jo, I've just got my hands on XYZ that will really help your team do ABC. Can you give me a call please so I can mail them out to you today"

That can be free reports, videos etc Anything of value.

That will get more calls returned then "Call me back because I'd like an update!!!"


Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Good stuff Eric, as this is a topic that never really gets enough attention for sales professionals. I really liked your suggestions and examples as to 'setting the ground rules'. Such a forthright approach to sales always has its benefits.

Jeff Garrison

I like the article. I disagree when people say, "sales is all about the relationship." However, one thing I have noticed is that when the potential transaction is the only basis for the relationship, people are less likely to call you back. As Stephen Covey says, "With people, fast is slow and slow is fast." I believe it applies to sales. Take more time in the process and you will close more sales.

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