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Amy Hawthorne

Hi Jill,

I completely agree! With so much information available to us online it's very easy to lose track of time and productivity.

We all struggle with keeping up and staying competitive. We all know knowledge is power.

At workstreamer, (yes, I work here) we are working on a new sales 2.0 tool to help bring order and relevancy to the chaos. Check it out, it's FREE. http://www.workstreamer.com.

Marge Bieler

Hi Jill,

I agree 100%. We provide our agents with one click access to the major social sites to allow them to quickly connect, listen and engage with prospects.

It's a balancing act, yet there are many golden nuggets of information to be mined. You want to use power tools to reduce time spent finding the golden nuggets. We don't limit the use of social media, we use many. We frequently use the following on our client campaigns: Incite2, Hoovers, InsideView, Broadlook Technologies, Workstreamer, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Twitter, Facebook, Brupt, etc.


Jill, thanks for including us in this list.

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