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Dan Waldschmidt


Good points from Don.

One HUGE thing to consider is the conversations that we are having. I hear all the time that buyers are acting differently or that prospecting is such hard work.

Maybe it's just us being frantic and formulaic.

No one wants to talk to boring, uninspired, or selfish sales organizations.


So while we do need more empathy (desperately...), we need it as a culture in our sales organizations -- not as another formula for generating more revenue this quarter.


Jeff Ogden

I love Don's article too, Jill. Buyers are crazy busy today and the last thing in the world they want is a "cold call." Besides, they feel empowered today. Why endure obnoxious salespeople when I can do my own research anytime day or night?

Publish simple great content where buyers are, give to get, be patient. But very few bosses have the stomach for this.

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Ten Reasons Why People Fail in Sales

1. Lack of Discipline

2. Lack of Defined Purpose

3. Fear

4. Lack of sustained effort

5. Dishonesty

6. Lack of enthusiasm

7. Lack of ability to make decisions

8. Associates

9. Wanting something for nothing

10. Health and Fitness


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