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Tom Cosgrove

Great interview with Anne. Metaphors create a visual reference that the brain can process faster than a fact laden but image empty speech. And analogies make connections in the prospects mind that allows them to "get it" and more importantly "get you", ie: you speak a common language, you understand a common problem and you have a unique solution/team. This should at least get you to the "tell me more" stage of the sales process.

Anup Mody


What a simple and elegant technique! I recently used this with a prospect. Although it hasn't yet got me to the next stage of the buying cycle, I think it added to my credibility. Which I'm sure will help in getting to the next steps. Thanks.

Steve Watts

Love this concept.

Here's a couple of books you should check out on the use of metaphor:

Metaphors We Live By

I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like

"Metaphors We Live By" especially is a fascinating take on the way we use metaphor every single day in our language and don't realize it.

Customer Service Training

I have to agree with Anup Mody above -- this is a solid technique. As well as a very interesting interview. Great stuff!

Glenn Friesen

Web Agent

I look forward to getting a copy of that book. I can use it in dealing with my clients. Thanks much!

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