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Therese Schustrich

I always let them know that the process can go as fast or slow as they want it to go depending on how quickly I get the information. You should always ask what their timeframe is to get the deal done because their time and salespeople's time is never the same.

If I don't get the information, I send them an email or call and say "I wasn't sure if I missed the information if you sent it but if not, I will keep an eye out for it within the next day or so." (Suttle reminder)

If after a 3-4 tries and still don't get the info, I end up telling them; "Since I've never received the information, I'm going to assume you no longer have a need/ interest in our services but I'm here to assist you if anything changes." This always gets them to move forward or let it go. You can only push them so far.

Bill H

If the potential's there, offer to have the materials picked up at such-and-such time. Ask for agreement. The situation may be be resolved at that point.

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Sometimes, you may not only sound like you're begging. Appearing impolite can also be a problem because it would seem like you're rushing your prospects.

Sean Murphy

I try to do three things:
1. get a commitment for when they will send it, e.g. "so do you think you can get that to me by next Tuesday?"
2. get permission to call them back "so if I don't hear from you is it OK if I call you back on Thursday to make sure this doesn't fall through the cracks."
3. understand what the ultimate deadline is that they are working to. That way in the call backs I can mention "I just want to be clear, you indicated you wanted us to finish by the end of October to meet your deadlines. If we can't get your specs and get started we can't meet your date."

Often this happens because the "slacker" is in an exploratory mode and there isn't a forcing function or impending event that is driving the need for a decision or a commitment.

Also, this is not the worst outcome, they can get you the specs, have you invest more time in a detailed proposal, and then ignore the proposal.

Web Agent

Being consistent, showing enthusiasm to close the deal I think is a good approach too. If you'll show how determined you are, he'll be impressed and you will be rewarded.

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