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Therese Schustrich

I agree, Jill. As a sales professional, you're in it to sell and if someone's just stringing you along for freebies or just because they need someone to talk to, let them go. It's exhausting and it can take up valuable time.

One way to approach it is to say "As a professional, I can truly appreciate your continued interest; however, if our service/product isn't something that will benefit you today and in the future, I just need to know so I can focus on others who have a more immediate need for our service/products."

Obviously, you need to phrase it in a way that you feel most comfortable as we all have our own styles.

As a business professional, they should understand and appreciate where you're coming from.

Bill H

Perhaps just a simple "John, I'd like to bring the samples and leave with my first order! Does Thursday work? Give me a time. Thanks. I'm really looking forward to this."

John has a direct invitation to consummate a relationship. Who could refuse?

Answering Service

"While I'd really love to do work with your company, it can't keep going like this. So what do you want to do? Should we get you going? If so, I'd recommend this ...""

I agree with this. So many people feel that being in sales means you have to let the buyer completely dictate the agenda. These people forget that there's a push-pull of any negotiation and that there is an opportunity cost to these "treat you like a doormat" calls.

Sometimes you need to tell a prospect "Buy or don't buy, but I really need a decision. If you aren't ready, I can call you a few months from now but please be straight with me."

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