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And thank you Jill for providing thousands of us with so much pleasure in 2010.

When I think about this year, it really has been "Jill Konrath Year"

Many people will easily remember you for your outstanding SNAP Selling - but the work that you did earlier in 2010 with your "Get Back To Work Faster" campaign, was inspiring to so many people having a really tough time, through no fault of their own.

Your awards are a true testament to your standing in the sales space - you are a giant, who strides across so many sales disciplines with consummate ease.

Finally, on a personal level, I just want to say thank you - your support and inspiration have been and remain immensely important to me and my work.

With My Warmest Regards


Mary Hunt

Congratulations Jill - well earned. I have sent countless people to your site and book.

Paul Mccord

Congratulations on your three medals--and in particular the Top Sales Personality. I really can't think of more deserving winner. Hope your 2011 is as productive and influential as your 2010 was. I’m really honored to be able to call you my friend.


Whohoooo! Jill - you've made it! and well deserved!
I very much agree with Jonathan on both inspiration and help you have so generously given us with all your advise, resources and simply with your positive encouraging personality (I loved especially all the seminars and webinars connected to the getting back to work faster program, which have already proven very helpful for consultants like me).
All the very best for your future projects, can wait to see more :-) and may all the good you give come straight back to you!
God bless!

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