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love your article jill. thx. jinan


Wow, Jill that a whole new perspective i never thought of, it also indicates that as an organisation you are prepared to go the extra mile for the client, immediately adding 'value' to your proposal. Keep up these great insightful nuggets of sales wisdom!

Stone Payton

Jill, You Rock!

Marvelous Post, Excellent Counsel -- which we've shared with the readers over at Dreamland Interactive in our latest post as well.

- Stone

Jill Konrath

Hey Jinan, Adetayo & Stone,

Glad you're liking this post. It's a fresh approach that can yield amazing returns.

Also, here's the link to Stone's recent post which he references above:

In it, he shares lots of good links that got me clicking!


Jeff Eskow

Clever line of thought. I can see why this idea is a winner.

Pekka Sahlsten

That is exactly the way you can win an RFP: you take the customer a couple of steps backwards in the buying process. You go back into the diagnosing phase to uncover the real needs and propose a solution based on that. The drawback is it's sometimes very difficult to do.

Your approach is brilliant, Jill, thanks for sharing this!

Peter Skakum

"Start working with your prospects as if they have already hired you." More than a tip, it's wisdom.

This is one of the first blogs on selling I can finally buy into. Listen to Jill. She knows what she's talking about. There is a selling renaissance that has begun on this planet and Jill is clearly a part of that movement.

I believe one of the most valuable aspects of the old selling model (the one most of us are STILL using today, still reading on most blogs and in most books) is 'REJECTION'. In the old model we were told to suck it up and keep selling in spite of it. In the renaissance model rejection reminds us to question our values, motives, methods ... and improve.

Greg Alexander

Jill- You reminded me of the old saying " Do. Don't Tell". This is especially true for those selling a service vs. a product.

Jill Konrath

Hey all! Again, glad you like the post.

Greg, you summed it up well with "Do. Don't Tell."

Peter, I love the term "sales renaissance." I think I'll start using it.

Also, I think people have always been wrong with rejection. If we're experiencing it, we should always figure out what we're doing to create it. And, then we should figure out how to eliminate it entirely.

Pekka, you are so right that we need to take a few steps back. It helps us ensure our understanding and also shows that we want to propose the right step.

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